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Fiona Saloojee

BA Ed | HED | B Psych Hon Trauma  | MA Psych

I am an HPCSA Registered Counsellor in private practice in Goodwood.  Although I do general counselling, I specialise in working with people who have experienced trauma.  Apart from counselling in my practice (for 8 years), I also ran psycho-education/ life-skills empowerment groups for in-patients at Summit Clinic Psychiatric Facility.  The groups focused on the emotional, cognitive, physiological and behavioural reactions to deep and distressing trauma. In my experience, understanding these reactions may enlighten people about the unhealthy or healthy coping mechanisms they employ in their normal day to day living as a result of stressful experiences.  In my training, I have been exposed to various strengths-based approaches and I resonate well with the words of Martin Seligman, clinical psychologist and father of Positive Psychology:

“Psychology is not just the study of disease, weakness and damage, it is

also the study of strength and virtue. Treatment is not just fixing what is

wrong, it also is building what is right and nurturing what is best within


It is on the above premise and my passion for helping people, that I have built my work. My aim is thus to help traumatised people find their strengths within and use these strengths to work through their feelings to improve their chances of choosing positive, healthy coping mechanisms.

I have been told that I have a gentle, compassionate nature, and with these skills I build trust with clients (both adults and children) by creating a safe, non-judgmental, accepting space that facilitates the processing of feelings in non-threatening ways. In addition, my Gestalt Play Therapy and other movement-based training, has taught me the importance of the embodiment of feelings and the role movement plays in moving trauma. As a result, my group sessions are movement-orientated, fun-filled, action-driven, skills-focused and feelings-based. Finding perspective after the traumatic experience and learning to love the self has the potential to transform post-traumatic stress into post-traumatic growth and this is my mission!

Our Offerings

We offer various techniques that allow us to tap into your potential for healing.

Our MIssion

Our mission is to strive towards healing by strengthening the sense of self through reflective processes.

Who Am I?

March 13 2014

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March 13, 2014

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March 13, 2014

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